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Western Valley Avenue London is an innovative leading fragrance house in the influential and distinctive high streets of London, since 2008. It has become one of the UK’s most sought after fragrance stores for authentic oriental and western fragrances gaining a remarkable recognition of reputation in perfumery.  It has grown to new heights of vibrant vision within a short span of time.

Formerly member of Western Valley Holding, the perfume house has recently been taken over by one of the UAE’s leading business entrepreneurs, Mr. Saber Al Battash, the founder, the owner and the chairman of Royal Diwan Group.  This is the result of a successful merge with this leading European company and partnership with Western Valley Avenue London Limited for the past three years. Royal Diwan Group as a partner has tremendously been successful in its launching of the Western Valley perfumes throughout UAE and the Gulf regions.

Now the full acquisition and purchase of the company’s operation by Mr. Saber has been achieved as a result of his past and recent business tours across the continents dealing with remarkable perfumers around the world and as a result of a milestone dedication to enhancement and improvement and the challenges offered in the field of research & development. Marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in its history, the new undertaking is determined to continue the vision of creativity through innovative concepts in perfumery and luxury fragrance.

Western Valley London will continue to operate from its UK registered facility office in England. Along with its perfume collections and as one of its success metrics of brand line development, Western Valley London is working on a concept of launching other beauty and body care products.

Now Western Valley London products are available all over UAE and GCC regional markets.

We welcome you to visit and explore our elegant and vibrant world of fragrance.

Western Valley London Pure. Uplifting. Captivating.

Fragrance is a silent conversation. It shows off one’s confidence and personality. A sublime liquid emotion, perfume stimulates the senses and evokes the memories. Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses and the use of it influences the human psyche and emotions. Some scents soothe, others entice and some excite or jog memories of times or people in our past.

That’s why at Western Valley London, its perfumers are passionate about creating compelling potions that can be worn solo, can be mixed, matched or layered with other scents for bespoke identities.  At Western Valley you will simply forget categories, once you like the scent, you will wear it all the way.

Western Valley has introduced a range of perfumes with its creative spiritual mix of oriental and western fragrances with its latest addition to its range, the Red & Black Collection.

Western Valley is an innovative leading fragrance house in London since 2008.

The brand has gained a very remarkable recognition of reputation in England and Wales and has grown to new heights in just a short span of time.

Western Valley has introduced a range of perfumes that makes it unique and ultimate in the market, and meets the expectations of customers in this part of the world with its creative spiritual mix of oriental and western fragrances.